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MCD is proud to announce the launch of its latest top secret project code named BananaWANG

BananaWANG is a grid wide gaming system where contestants all over the grid compete for a place on the prize ladder.

Once you win a slot you will accrue 10% of the pay-ins grid wide for that games tier. You also have the chance to win a share of the cashpot.

Game versions include 10, 20, 30, 50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000l versions

The game was created by gamers, with gamers in mind, and has a few feautures, such as CrashGuard © which will halt the game for 6 mins should you accidently be tp'd away, or crash.

More info and a dedicated page will apear shortly, but atm we are focused on distribution.

The system is free and venue owners retain 20% of thr games entry fee.

The game is TOS compliant as it is a skill based game.

For more info, or for you free system contact Monkey Canning, or BananaWANG Shamrock

Monkey Corp - because its your Second Life!

MCD Marketing Tool - In Developement

The marketing tool is 100% done (beta), and has been cleared by LL as being TOS compliant.

The tool will allow you to make selections (which will expand over time) and therfore target your message at the people you really want to reach, maybe people who have never visted your land, or prehaps people that have not visited you for a certain amount of time.

The database holds info on 10,000 unique avatars and is growing daily.

The cost associated with sending messages have not been finalised.

People receiving the messages will be able to opt-out of further messages, so keep the spam down.

The best part is that 50% of the revenue generated will be paid out to those people receiving messages in random prizes, this should seriously reduce the amount of people opting out of the service.

When it's in full swing, we expect to pay out prizes in excess of L$100,000 per month.

More info will follow...

Intermittent Errors

Hi Folks,

Some of you may have been or still be having some difficulty with using the site, it is an issue currently being resolved by our service provider. We have been assured that full service will be resumed as soon as possible...

SL Performers

MCD is proud to announce its all new, soon to be expanded FREE performers listing.

If you have suggestions for features or additions please let me know.

If you would like a free listing, i need 3 things.

1. A picture of you looking your best.
2. A little write up or bio
3. The link for your google calendar so people can see what you are upto.

The performers page will soon be advertised on the Apez banner network spanning some 24 websites.

You will have control over your page so if u know any html you can customise it, I will do this for you if you dont.

You and visitors will be able to leave comments, you will have the power to remove these if any are offensive, it is your job to police your own page, I simply do not have the time.

Monkey Corp - because its YOUR Second life

MCD Visitor Tracker

Currently in developement, based on the increasingly popular AVA Greeter, a new breed of greeter and web enabled visitor tracker with a funky marketing tool will be coming soon!

MCD Website

Yay... construction has finally begun on our new website, hoping to be feature packed and rocking by the year 3050