Remy Farman

Remy Farman Live in Second Life

Remy lives in Wales in the United Kingdom, a born and bred welsh man. He loves to sing a wide variety of song styles, but his main passion is singing love songs. The music he likes to listen to covers all tastes, from punk to classical. If he likes what he hears, he buys it.

Remy Farman started singing 20 years ago quite by accident. He went out one evening to a pub quiz, but luckily for him it got cancelled. Looking around for something else to do, he found a karaoke bar and decided to give it a look. He has been hooked on singing ever since.

When he isnt singing, he is usually at some other sl singer's show, many of which he is grateful to be considered their friend.
He is more then happy to sing to an audience of one or more, as long as he is singing he is happy. He loves all the great friends he's made since joining Second Life. He is over the moon when someone asks to join his fan club because he knows he has made another friend.