Stiffy Dagger

Stiffy Dagger Live in Second Life

I dance at Club Corrupt. Its a ladies only club and a great place to escape the drama of day to day life. Come find some relief at Club Corrupt.

I also own Club Lost Souls. Come find yourself at Club Lost Souls, where you can be who you really are. We love the freaks and even the "normal people." Problem is, we can't find a normal person.

The illegitimate Son of Alice Cooper. Mother was the witch. he stole his name from before killing and eating her Like paw, I grew up with a thirst for blood and a wicked since of humor which led me to become a successful serial killer.

I am king of Dracula's Lost Souls. Join the family and find your home amongst the lost.

You should know, I only kill with love. It is my hope to bring you into the family where we will build each other up, a place to call home. Our family is about a bond, about loyalty and support. It is about a place to be accepted. It is not about servants or power.

My name? Well, that's why I'm a demented vampire serial killer, You see, when I was born, the nurse said "awww, Look a Stiffy!:" The doctor went on to say "this one is going to be Bad to The Bone." So that's where the song and the name came from, I came out flirting and had the nurses giggling within minutes. Also, my dad didn't want me to have a feminine name, so he picked this one hoping I would escape insanity

I have multiple personalities. After much personal growth, I have learned to control which one is present There is the respectable business man and police cadet in training.

I came to SL with the idea of doing business. i found that socializing is also fulfilling here.

Both sides of Stiffy are honest. Honesty is my core value. If you can't return it, you don't have anything else to offer me.