Total Slot Payments - Paid = L$ 4,725,136
Total Cashpot Payments - Paid = L$ 2,320,241
Total Payments to date = L$ 7,045,377

Total Slot Payments - Pending = L$ 0
Total Cashpots Available = L$ 67,226
Total Amount Won = L$ 7,045,377

Total Amount Played = L$ 11,812,840

Total donated to Venues = L$ 2,362,568
Total donated to Charity = L$ 336,257

Charitable Donations
L$ 187,000 Cancer Research
L$ 100,000 Relay For Life
L$ 20,000 Prostate Cancer
L$ 10,000 Misc
BananaWANG Current Winners

BananaWANG is a game of skill, the object of the game is to get 5 of a kind to claim a win slot, in claiming a win slot you will knock the current winner out of the slot and they will be paid their prize.
For as long as you hold a win slot, you will accrue 10% of all the money paid in to that game across the grid. For example if you win slot 1 on the 10l game, you will get 1l for every game played on the 10l versions of the game across the grid.

Skill - The skill element comes in 2 forms, the first being that you need to hold the right reels in order to maximise your chances of getting 5 of a kind.
Bonus Spins - The likelyhood of getting 5 of a kind is greatly increased by the ability to gain bonus spins, obviously the more spins you have the better your chances are of getting 5 of a kind. Bonus Spins are not random, they are awarded depending on when you hit the spin button, if you hit the spin button at the right time (if you hit it when the current time in ms is above 85ms) you are gauranteed a bonus spin.

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