Total Slot Payments - Paid = L$ 122,684
Total Cashpot Payments - Paid = L$ 124,229
Total Payments to date = L$ 246,913

Total Slot Payments - Pending = L$ 0
Total Cashpots Available = L$ 18,892
Total Amount Won = L$ 246,913

Total Amount Played = L$ 306,710

Total donated to Venues = L$ 61,342
Total donated to Charity = L$ 6,134

RUBaWANG Current Winners

RUBaWANG is a game of skill. The object of the game is to get 3 of a kind to gain a win slot, or start the super cashpot feature.
For as long as you hold a win slot, you will accrue 10% of all the money paid in to that game across the grid. For example if you win slot 1 on the 10l game, you will get 1l for every game played on the 10l versions of the game across the grid.

Skill - Tha game consists of a maximum of 2 rounds, in round one you reveal 3 squares, remember which 3 you reveal, as in round 2 the board will wipe, but remain unchanged, you then have another chance to reveal 3 squares
Super Cashpot Feature - Reveal 3 $$$ symbols in any round to start the feature. The board will wipe and 15 $$$ and 15 peanut symbols will be hidden in the board. Each time you reveal a $$$ sysmbol you will gain an additional 5% of the cashpot. Each peanut symbol will cost you 1 life. The game starts with you having 5% of the cashpot, and 3 lives.

UPDATE : Now anyone winning the super cashpot feature will trigger the feature for local active players!. The more people playing locally the greater the odds of getting the feature.

BananaWANG Locations

Fretti Tale Theater

Camping on during monitored Events. Flurbil Hangout. Dance, Socialize, Meet N Greet. Newbie Friendly. N00b-friendly.

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